Google HD TV: Now Google Moves to Our Living Rooms

Google and Apple are two companies that are associated with cutting edge technology. As Apple released their iPad to compete with the Amazon Kindle, Google turns their gaze towards America’s most popular form of entertainment: television. Google HD TV will probably revolutionize the way that we think about television. Let’s take a look at what makes this new innovation so exciting and interesting.
What makes it special?

Today, internet access through televisions has been a limited thing. Each television tends to have its own software which, if it allows internet access at all, only allows you to go to some sites like youtube or view photos on your big screen. Google HD TV, on the other hand uses the risingly famous Android operating system developed by Google to compete with Microsoft and Apple’s grip on computing.

Because Google knows the internet as well as any company can, this operating system will be perfectly standardized for all of the different televisions that it is built into. Google plans to use the tested by Apple open application technique to allow anyone to design and release applications that can be purchased. It will use its new Google Chrome browser for internet. Adobe flash will be integrated into the system, fixing all of the annoyances that pseudo internet access systems have always caused people.


Google worked together with Intel, Sony, and Logitech. It was a wise decision to use these powerhouses to make sure that every system works perfectly. The Google HD television service is intended to work best with Dish Network, a surprising choice that shows just how much Dish Network must be rising compared to DirecTV. The Google HD TV Android system will be built directly into the televisions, making for a totally different experience. I expect that it will act as a DVR on top of all of its other features. On Demand movies will be available as well in HD.

Google HD TV was announced May 20, 2010. Knowing Google and its powerful partners, it will surely be a revolution of television. With a market as huge as the American television viewers, Google will most likely make enormous profits with its new innovative idea. Consider investing now.


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